WeissLicht LED Halo Upgrade Kit

Get rid of the dull yellow light of your OEM halo rings with the Latest Version LED upgrade kit from WeissLicht! THE BRIGHTEST ON THE MARKET!

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Installation: EASY - Most People Can Do This With Common Household Tools

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WeissLicht LED Halo Upgrade Kit from

Get rid of the dull yellow light of your OEM halo rings with the Latest Version LED upgrade kit from WeissLicht! THE BRIGHTEST ON THE MARKET!

Features and Benefits Of This Product

Halo rings, also known as corona rings or angel eyes, are the circular light rings found in the headlights of most recently produced BMW vehicles.

We are pleased to offer WeissLicht Brand LED Halo Upgrades. This simple modification will make your BMW stand out from the crowd. Just change out the halogen light bulbs inside your headlights that make the yellowish light, and replace them with our plug and play replacements for a cool pure white glow (or red or blue).

Not only is WeissLicht more cost effective than the rest, but it is actually BRIGHTER as well. Additionally, these lights are covered by a one-year warranty and are guaranteed not to cause any warning lights on your dash board.

Available Options

As an alternative to our WHITE (AugenWeiss) illuminating replacements, you may prefer BLUE (AugenBlau) or RED (AugenRot) illumination colors which are also available from WeissLicht.

What Its Made From

WeissLicht version 4 for H8 replacement bulbs halo ring upgrades feature made-in-Japan CREE LED CHIPS for the brightest possible light output.
Other versions for other types of bulb replacement also feature CREE LED CHIPS up to 10 watts each!

WeissLicht bulbs are the brightest on the market!

Installation Notes

Installation Difficulty: EASY - Most People Can Do This With Common Household ToolsClick on the 'Installation Guides' tab above for installation resources.

This Product Fits (see ORDER HERE tab above for clearer detail)

LED halo upgrades are available for most BMWs with standard fiber optic halo rings.
E92, E90, E82, E87, E60, E53, E39, E61, E63, E64, E65, E66, E70, E71
AND MORE. Please consult the ordering section for more details.

When ordering for E90 please be careful when selecting the product. There are 4 different types that you should be aware of:
1) E90 (2006-2008)
2) E90 (2009+) with OEM Xenon Headlights
3) E90 (2009+) with OEM Halogen Headlights
4) E90 M3
Xenon headlights have a projector lens while halogens do not. The projector lens looks like a sphere while halogen has a concave lens.

Warranty + Satisfaction Guarantee

Order with confidence! If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you may return it for exchange or refund. This product carries a 1 year manufacturers warranty. See our Terms Of Sale for full details.

About The Manufacturer

WeissLicht was founded in 2008 to address the need to deliver a high quality alternative to the typical LED lighting upgrade options available for BMW vehicles.

WeissLicht strives to provide the most unique, best and brightest LED lighting bulbs and replacements for your BMW at reasonable prices. See Their Other Products

Notes / Warnings

Please check your local laws for ensure legality when using this product on public roads and highways. In areas where this product is not legal for road use it is sold strictly for off-road, track or show use only.

Please check your local laws for ensure legality when using this product on public roads and highways. In areas where this product is not legal for road use it is sold strictly for off-road, track or show use only.

Avatar Customer

Q: Is the kit for both lights or do you 2 kits?

Avatar Bimmian Rep.

A: The WeissLicht LED Halo Upgrade kit comes in a PAIR. You only need to purchase ONE SET for your vehicle. This will upgrade all FOUR of your Halo Rings to super white LED XENON

Avatar Customer

Q: Do I get enough bulbs in one kit to change all the halos or do you have to order 2 kits?

Avatar Bimmian Rep.

A: In this kit, you receive a pair of bulbs which is enough to change all 4 halos in your headlight (1 bulb changes 2 halos rings).

Avatar Customer

Q: What LCI stand for?

Avatar Bimmian Rep.

A: LCI stands for Life Cycle Impulse. It essentially means that the vehicle was facelifted mid-chassis cycle (BMW would have changed some details of the vehicle, without changing the chassis itself).

Avatar Customer

Q: I only require the bulbs, not the Upgrade Kit. What is the difference between LED Version 1,2,3 other than color?

Avatar Bimmian Rep.

A: The system will comes with the LED Halo bulbs but as well with the necessary items required to allow the system to work i.e. resistors and or hardware. Now with each newer version of the WeissLicht LED halo upgrade basically will mean it is a brighter and better product.

Avatar Customer

Q: Do you have any LED Halo upgrade for a BMW 2010 750Li in 5000k?

Avatar Bimmian Rep.

A: The WeissLicht LED Upgrade Kit Version 2 is a great fit for your 2010 750L. It produces a bright white 6000K light that is as white as you can get without going into the blue spectrum.

Avatar Customer

Q: Will these fit my e92 07?

Avatar Bimmian Rep.

A: Yes currently WeissLicht offers the best and brightest upgrade currently for your vehicle, the Version 4 for $149 USD plus shipping. Please copy and paste the link below to direct you to the correct item.

Avatar Customer

Q: I have a 2005 BMW 645ci and would like to upgrade my headlights and angel eyes to a white/blueish appearance comparable to the newer BMW models. Can you please recommend which bulbs that i would need to order starting from your standard bulbs up to your halogen or led bulbs. The rings are now the OEM yellowish light as you know. Also, can you please refer me to what fog light bulbs i would need to match the headlights. I have a good idea already from researching your website, but noticed that some say that they will only work with 2007 and up, e92, etc. so i want to be certain before i order.

Avatar Bimmian Rep.

A: The best and brightest product we offer for changing that yellow dull halo ring into a Vibrant Hyper White would be to install our WeissLicht LED Halo rings. The 6000K bright white is achieved by replacing the old Halogen technology with CREE LED.

Avatar Customer

Q: I purcheased Mtec lights for my 2011 750i and they arent working properly. I figured I would go with a different brand. what is your refund policy if I run into the same problem with this brand? I also was curious about the LUX lights do you have it for the F01. Is it the version you sell only available for 2012 and up or will the Lux light work on my 2011?

Avatar Bimmian Rep.

A: Refund policy is within 60 days of placing the order. Should you encounter a warranty based issue post-60 days we can either issue a site credit, or do an exchange within 1 year from ordering date.

The LUX lights will only work with the 2012+ F01s due to an internal redesign of the headlight assembly.

The WeissLicht will work with 2009-2011, provided the vehicle is NOT equipped with LED adaptive headlights.

Avatar Customer

Q: I want to buy this WeissLicht Kit but im not sure if it fits in my car. I have a 2010 bmw 7 series active hybrid with adaptive headlights control. Is it possible to use this one or do you have any other kit for this model?

Avatar Bimmian Rep.

A: For the F01/02 7 Series between 2009-2011, we have the WeissLicht Halo Upgrade.
If your vehicle is equipped with Adaptive LED headlights this will NOT fit your vehicle.

If you simply have the adaptive XENON headlights, these WILL fit your vehicle.

Avatar Customer

Q: I have a 2008 335i with xenon lights and want to upgrade the angel eyes. which package do I choose?

Avatar Bimmian Rep.

A: If you have the Sedan E90 (4 door) 2006-2008 3 series with Xenon please select: LHU906W2Y

If you have the E92/E93 (2 door) 2007-2013 3 series with Xenon please select: LHU92AW4Y

Avatar Customer

Q: I would like to order the upgrade for my 435i, i did not order the lighting package as it was too expensive. When will you have these replacements for my car?

Avatar Bimmian Rep.

A: Once they have been produced for the F30 and F32 3/4 series by WeissLicht and have gone through the appropriate testing stages, it will be released Given that the vehicle is so new the aftermarket community has not have the appropriate length of time to release durable/reliable components that are exclusive for this vehicle only.

Avatar Customer

Q: Is this compatible with Pre-LCI 3 series coupe vehicles? (2009)

Avatar Bimmian Rep.

A: Yes, for the E92 3 series coupe(2007-2013)this upgrade will be compatible.

Please select from this option: \"Pair For Any E92, E93 and M3\"

Avatar Customer

Q: How do I know if I have the pre lci or the lci lamps? I own a 2006 e60 m5. I need to replace the angel eyes and maybe the other lights if needed. What do you recommend? I need the brightest in white

Avatar Bimmian Rep.

A: The E60 5 series the PRE-LCI models are between (2004-2007), and the LCI models are(2008-2010).

For your application, the brightest will be:
Ultra-Bright LED Version 3
AugenWeiss / White Illumination LHU604W3Y $149USD

Avatar Customer

Q: I have a 57 plate BMW x5 (e70) model. The low beam bulb is H7. My x5 doesnt have Xeon bulb, but comes with the halogen bulb. Please can you advise me which one I need to purchase from here.

Avatar Bimmian Rep.

A: For your Low beam bulb replacement use this product number: XENAAA7YY
For the other bulbs please follow link below:

Avatar Customer

Q: I have a E90 LCI 2011 328i Sedan with Halogen headlights. Will the Weisslicht LED kit I am thinking of ordering (LHU909WH2) come with the necessary adaptors/bracket for the installation?

Avatar Bimmian Rep.

A: Yes, LHU909WH2 is for Halogen equipped headlights for the LCI\'d 3 series sedan (E90)models. This will include everything that is required to install.

Avatar Customer

Q: I have a 2012 M3 convertible. I am not sure if this kit will work on my car i do like to change it and make it brighter in LED advice?

Avatar Bimmian Rep.

A: Yes, this will work for your vehicle. If you select the \"Pair For Any E92, E93 and M3\"

Ultra-Bright LED Version 4
AugenBlau / Blue Illumination LHU92AB2Y $149
Ultra-Bright LED Version 4
AugenWeiss / White Illumination LHU92AW4Y $149

Avatar Customer

Q: Will this set work with an 07 335i pre-lci halogens? I heard you have to make sure its for pre-lci and not lci or else it wont work.

Avatar Bimmian Rep.

A: For this application on a 2006-2008 E90, it is solely dependent on the vehicle having Halo rings in general. If your vehicle already has halos, then this will work for your application.

Factory Halos for the E90 in general were halogen. This is an upgrade from Halogen halos to LED.

Avatar Customer

Q: My passenger side halo light went out and I want to swap out the driver side as well. Some websites sell them in pair. Does this means there are 2 bulbs per side?

Avatar Bimmian Rep.

A: No, this means that you would receive 1 for the driver's side and 1 for the passenger's side. Only one bulb is needed on each side.

Avatar Customer

Q: I have a 2014 X6. Just bought new off the showroom. The halos are not LED and I believe this may help me accomplish what I am after. I have a 2012 335i Coupe that has the Corona LED halos. Is this upgrade kit for the X6 going to enable me to accomplish the same look on the X6 as in the 335i? Also, what is better, the fog lamp LED bulb that is recommended? Are these error-free? Will these void warranty?

Avatar Bimmian Rep.

A: This is the upgrade that will enable you to accomplish the LED styling of your 335i. The LED fog lamp upgrade does run error free provided it is installed correctly. These will not void your warranty as they are simply lighting equipment that DOES NOT require cutting, slicing, drilling or any of that messy stuff.

Avatar Customer

Q: I have an E88 Cabriolet and would like to ugrade my front lights Which ones will I require? Also how much does it cost to fit them?

Avatar Bimmian Rep.

A: For the E88 1 series Cabrio, please select the Option:

Pair For Any E82
Ultra-Bright LED Version 4
AugenBlau / Blue Illumination LHU82AB2Y $149USD
Ultra-Bright LED Version 4
AugenWeiss / White Illumination LHU82AW4Y $149USD

The reason why is that the E82 and the E88 use the same underpinnings for their respected chassis.

Avatar Customer

Q: Do you have bulbs to upgrade a 2013 F30. They are fitted with factory fitted xenon headlights with LED halos but I want them to be a lot brighter than the stock white LED bulbs already fitted.

Avatar Bimmian Rep.

A: As the F30 is still a quite new vehicle such lighting equipment has not been produced with adequate testing to ensure brightness and reliability. Rest assured it will be released, eventually.

Avatar Customer

Q: I have a 2007 525i which is the best angel eye bulb I can buy to replace the stock yellowish bulb?

Avatar Bimmian Rep.

A: Typically white illumination would be the brightest as well as the most reliable model. Of course proper fitment will depend whether you have xenon headlights or Halogen headlights and selecting the appropriate option.

Avatar Customer

Q: I would like to have red angel eyes on my 2011 e91 with halogen headlights. I see in your ordering list that only blue and white is available for halogen lights. I already had send an email in according to that and then you said to me that the demand for red color is not enough? Is there really no way that i can order red angel eyes for my halogen headlights with you? Because I can not find anywhere where they sell them. I always find them for xenon fitted cars, but never for halogen?

Avatar Bimmian Rep.

A: Red halos for the most part have been discontinued due to the low demand for them. Keep in mind that the majority of the world\\\'s traffic laws dictate that red lights in the front of commuter vehicles are illegal.

Avatar Customer

Q: I have a BMW E91 wagon from 2010 LCI. Which LEDs should I have? Can I have these on my car: Ultra-Bright LED Version 4 AugenWeiss / White Illumination?

Says nothing about E91 2010 LCI website.

Avatar Bimmian Rep.

A: Here is the kits that are designed for the E90 LCI. Please note that these kits depend on which type of headlight your vehicle is equipped with:

Pair For E90 (2009-2011) Non-M3 WITH Halogen Headlights
Ultra-Bright LED Version 2
AugenBlau / Blue Illumination LHU909BH2 $109USD
Ultra-Bright LED Version 3
AugenWeiss / White Illumination LHU909WH2 $159USD

Pair For E90 (2009-2011) Non-M3 WITH Xenon Headlights
Ultra-Bright LED Version 1
AugenBlau / Blue Illumination LHU90XBYY $149 USD
Ultra-Bright LED Version 1
AugenRot / Red Illumination LHU90XRYY $149 USD
Ultra-Bright LED Version 2
AugenWeiss / White Illumination LHU90XWYY $149 USD

Avatar Customer

Q: Is a version 4 available for a 2011 BMW 328xi (E90)?
What about a blue color offering?

If not, any idea when these might be available?

I am deciding between WeissLicht and Lux. I see that the version 4 is significantly brighter than the Lux. What about versus the version 3? Do you have any pictures comparing both?

Avatar Bimmian Rep.

A: Version 4 is not available for the E90 due to the design and spacing within the headlight. Version 3 vs Version 4 in terms of brightness quite the same and is only noticeable if you are comparing them side to side.

Avatar Customer

Q: I need to know which bulb is compatible with my angel eyes bulb on 2008 BMW 528I please let me know I need the exact fit, my bulb is like brown housing

Avatar Bimmian Rep.

A: If you have Xenon headlights for your 5 series, please select from this option:

Pair For Any E60/61 2008-2010 with Xenon Headlights
Ultra-Bright LED Version 4
AugenBlau / Blue Illumination LHU608B2Y $149

Ultra-Bright LED Version 4
AugenWeiss / White Illumination LHU608W4Y $149

Avatar Customer


How many Watts does each LED bulb have?

I have already purchased an upgrade kit (from another store) in which each bulb has 4 x 5W CREE High Power LEDS (Total per bulb = 20W, Colour = 6500K (white)). However unfortunately they are not bright enough, in that during the day you can barely tell that the daytime running lights would be on. Is the WeissLicht LED Halo Upgrade Kit any different?

Avatar Bimmian Rep.

A: Each bulb would have 25 Watts, meaning it will be a total 45~50 Watt setup overall. The WeissLicht v.4 is marginally brighter than the LUX angel eyes units so you'll see the difference for sure.

Avatar Customer

Q: I recently installed the blue halo upgrades. Im very pleased however my car is black with red accents. The red halo would look more appropriate. Any plans to sell the red upgrades for the E93

Avatar Bimmian Rep.

A: Both WeissLicht and Lux has not produced the Red illumination for this product. Nor do they have any signs of producing a red upgrade.

Avatar Customer

Q: Do I need Xeon Headlights to work with these? Or can I just fit them into the standard factory headlamps?

Avatar Bimmian Rep.

A: The requirement for this product is to have the Factory OEM headlights that already have Halo rings. This product simply switches out the bulb for an LED type to get a better color than stock.

Avatar Customer

Q: I have 2008 LCi e60

Which led halo will fit my car ?

I have non xenon headlights

Avatar Bimmian Rep.

A: Unfortunately, for 2008-2010.5 E60 5 series that do not have Xenon headlights, we do not have an offering available for your vehicle, that would safely work for your vehicle. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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  • Luis from Kearneysville, WV
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    Customer Review: "I absolutely love my new bright white halo\'s. Thanks guys for all your help and assistance."

  • Steven from Katy, TX
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    Customer Review: "Great option if your tired of the OEM halogen angel eyes. This is the second BMW I\'ve changed the angel eyes on with this kit. Installation is straight forward, simple plug and play setup. No errors or bulb out issues."

  • Pierre from Saint-hyacinthe, Quebec
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    Customer Review: "Very happy with the result. Makes an amazing difference to go from yellowish to pure white."

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    Customer Review: "Great product. No errors and looks good."

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