Updated Look Automatic Shift Knob

Get the look of the current BMW automatic shift knob with Bimmians Updated Shift Knob for most BMW vehicles. Now also available in the 2014 shifter style!

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Installation: EASY - Most People Can Do This With Common Household Tools

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Updated Look Automatic Shift Knob from

Get the look of the current BMW automatic shift knob with Bimmians Updated Shift Knob for most BMW vehicles. Now also available in the 2014 shifter style!

Features and Benefits Of This Product

The Updated Shift knob gives you the look of the new BMW OEM automatic shifter while still functioning like your original.

Available Options

Available in non-illuminating and NEW illuminating versions and in the new 2014 illuminating style!
Illuminating version lights up in green color when in park, drive, neutral, reverse and M/S mode, and in orange for all lettering areas.

What Its Made From

Made completely from high quality plastic, the shifter is painted silver to closely match the look of the OEM version.
Illuminating version has real leather black area.

What's Inside The Box

Each illuminating shift knob comes with a plug and play wiring harness for each vehicle.

Installation Notes

Installs easily. Find detailed install video and PDF instructions right here on


Special Installation Note:
When installing, if wiring is unplugged from the various shifter harnesses and the vehicle door is opened, this may interrupt the P-BUS system and cause the parking lights to stay on for long durations afterwards. A P-BUS system reset my be required. It is best to reconnect all of the knob wiring before implementing any other electrical vehicle functions to avoid this interrupt.
Installation Difficulty: EASY - Most People Can Do This With Common Household ToolsClick on the 'Installation Guides' tab above for installation resources.

This Product Fits (see PRICES & ORDERING tab above for clearer detail)

E36 - BMW 3 Series and M3 - 1992-98, E38 - BMW 7 Series - 1995-02, E39 - BMW 5 Series and M5 - 1997-03, E46 - BMW 3 Series Coupe, Sedan, Convertible and M3 - 1999-2006, E60/E61 - BMW 5 Series and M5 - 2004-2009, E63/E64 - BMW 6 Series and M6 - 2004-2010, E70 - BMW X5 and X5M SAV - 2007-2013, E87/E81 - BMW 1 Series Hatchback Sedan - 2004-2010, E90/E91 - BMW 3 Series Sedan and M3 - 2006-2012, E92/E93 - BMW 3 Series Coupe and M3 - 2007-2013, E83 - BMW X3 SAV - 2003-2010, E53 - BMW X5 SAV - 2000-2006, E37 - BMW Z3 Roadster and MZ3 - 1997-02, E85 - BMW Z4 and Z4M Roadster and Coupe - 2003-2008, E82/E88 - BMW 1 Series Coupe & 1M - 2007-2012, E89 - BMW Z4 Roadster / Coupe - 2009 and up, E84 - BMW X1 - SAV 2010 and up,

Warranty + Satisfaction Guarantee

Order with confidence! If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you may return it for exchange or refund within 30 days. See our terms of sale for full details.

Notes / Warnings

The Parking button at the top is non-functioning and does not suppress. Likewise the side button does not function or suppress when pushed.
The button at the back of the shifter is the only one that functions to select your gear as you would on your OEM shifter.

If you are purchasing a non-illuminating knob please note that the steptronic illustration on the knob shows the "-" on top and "+" on the bottom .
(This is the correct orientation for E39, E60 and E53 X5 steptronic equipped vehicles, and reversed for E46 vehicles.)
If you are purchasing an illuminating knob please note that the steptronic display shows the "+" on top and "-" on the bottom.
(This is the correct orientation for E46 steptronic equipped vehicles, and reversed for E39, E60 and E53 X5 vehicles.)
If you feel this will will be an issue please do not purchase the shift knob replacement to avoid unnecessary returns.

Please check your local laws for ensure legality when using this product on public roads and highways. In areas where this product is not legal for road use it is sold strictly for off-road, track or show use only.

Avatar Customer

Q: I own a 2002 320i (E46) and a 2011 328i (xDrive E90) and they both have the old style shifter knob.

If I install this item, will it fit and still work properly? I am not looking into changing the functionality of the shifter from mechanical to the electrical gear change (Like the New 5-series or new X5/X3) and only want this item for the looks.

Also do you know the process or removing the OEM shift knob?

Avatar Bimmian Rep.

A: This product is exactly what you're looking for. It will not change the functionality of your shifter at all, and is only intended to change the look to give the updated shifter look.

Here is an install guide for the Carbon Fiber Automatic Shift Knob (, but it follows the same steps:

Attachment: CSK.pdf

Avatar Customer

Q: I have a 2006 330i e90 sedan. The site lists 2 shift knob shaft length sizes. What size do I need for my car?

Avatar Bimmian Rep.

A: For the E90, you require the shorter shift knob shaft; however, the part numbers are already pre-configured so when you order, you will get the correct shaft that will fit your vehicle. I hope this helps.

Avatar Customer

Q: Any idea where I can find similar product for 03 3.0 Z4?

Avatar Bimmian Rep.

A: This style product is not availiable for the Z4, however here is another product that you may like for that vehicle:

Avatar Customer

Q: What is the difference between the left hand drive and right hand drive options?

Also, I want to buy the illuminated one. My question is the cables that come with it (Plug n pLay wiring), where does that plug into?

Avatar Bimmian Rep.

A: The left hand or right hand drive options denote where the driver's seat is in the car. While seated in the driver's seat, if you are sitting on the left side of the car, your vehicle is considered a left hand drive. Alternately, if the driver's seat is on the right hand side of the car, your vehicle is considered a right hand drive. Based on what car you have, that is the shifter you would need to order.

Yes, this shifter is direct plug and play. Take a look at these installation instructions and it will show you exactly how the illuminated shifter is installed:

Attachment: USKXXLLLB.pdf

Avatar Customer

Q: Hi i have 2004 530d se model can i use this staff for my car and my car is right hand drive uk model how will i order for my car ?

Avatar Bimmian Rep.

A: We offer the updated shift knob in both illuminated and non as well as in both RHD and LHD. I have attached a direct link below that will take you directly to the product page.

Avatar Customer

Q: Hi,I would be really interested about this particular product just one quick question before ordered-right and left drive vehicles do you mean left hand drive trafic like in uk ,ireland or the side where the steering wheel is base .thanks paul

Avatar Bimmian Rep.

A: This product is based on traditional driver orientation. This means that for USA, and Canada; they would select LHD (left hand drive)while the UK and most of Europe would select RHD (right hand drive).

Easiest way of figuring which style to select is by locating your steering wheel. If your steering wheel is on the LEFT side of the vehicle, it is LHD. If it is on the RIGHT side of the vehicle it is RHD.

Avatar Customer

Q: Hello, will this work on a 2005 545i?

Please confirm a soons as possible.

Thank You!

Avatar Bimmian Rep.

A: Yes, this will work for any E60 5 series between 2004-2010, that is equipped with the automatic/step/shift-tronic transmission.

Please note that the illuminated version, will NOT function with XI/Xdrive/all-wheel-drive models.

Avatar Customer

Q: Good morning
Do you have this item for left hand drive

Avatar Bimmian Rep.

A: Yes this is available for Left hand drive.

Avatar Customer

Q: Dear Sir/madam
Is the illuminated automatic shift knob available for RIGHTHAND drive?

Avatar Bimmian Rep.

A: Yes, the Right Hand Drive shift knob is also available with the illuminated option.

Avatar Customer

Q: Hi

I am trying to purchase the Illuminated Updated Look shift knob for E86 2007 Z4 Coupe.

Is it available?

Avatar Bimmian Rep.

A: This product is NOT applicable for the E85/E86 Z4, due to the design of the transmission's shaft length.

Avatar Customer

Q: Hi, I have got BMW E60 520i se 2004 Model right hand drive car in uk. is Illuminated Knobof this will fit in my car?or need to get Non-Illuminated Knob of this.pleasereply me asap. Many thanks & Regards

Avatar Bimmian Rep.

A: Provided you vehicle is not an Xi or xDRIVE (all wheel drive) model, the illuminated knob with work with you vehicle.

Avatar Customer

Is the led gear shifter still available?

Avatar Bimmian Rep.

A: Yes, this item is available and is now offered in a new style known as the 2014 style as well.

Avatar Customer

Q: which of the illuminated shift knob will fit a 2009, 135i.

Avatar Bimmian Rep.

A: Any of the kits found on this page certainly will fit for any 1 series coupe or convertible from 2007-2013:

Avatar Customer

Q: I am inquiring about the Updated shift knob. I was wondering if the illumination of the led stays on forever ?

Avatar Bimmian Rep.

A: This is actually the design of the shift knob. The unit does shut off after 30 to 60 minutes. Not to worry, the shift knob draws a very low wattage so it will not drain the vehicles battery.

Avatar Customer

Q: Why doesn\'t the illuminated model not work with xdrive model cars?

Avatar Bimmian Rep.

A: The wiring harness is different for the all wheel drive which is why the X-Drive is not compatible with the Illuminated Models and vice versa.

Avatar Customer

Q: Do you have the 2014 version for right hand drive?

Avatar Bimmian Rep.

A: Unfortunately at this time the manufacturer has not made that option available to us.

Avatar Customer

Q: i would like one for my specific vehicle, however you do not have an installation guide listed for this vehicle. Could you tell me why?

Avatar Bimmian Rep.

A: I would recommend reading the base installation PDF, and viewing the video. If we do not list something specific it is because your vehicle follows that format typically.

Click here for the base installation PDF.

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