Carbon Fiber Accessories For Bmw

BMW carbon fiber will make your car look great. Its no shock that this race-inspired material is a favorite of BMW drivers from around the world, so click on your favorite carbon fiber part below to get started!

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Carbon Fiber for BMW Vehicles

What is carbon fiber?

Carbon fiber is an extremely strong yet light material that has become very popular in automotive applications. It is strands of carbon fiber, slimmer than a single strand of human hair, woven together, placed over a mold with resin added to take on almost any shape. It is popular in automotive use because of its extreme strength, it is stronger and stiffer than steel, yet weighs about two thirds less. You can replace many plastic and metal parts on your car with carbon fiber versions.

Some newer and very expensive cars use carbon fiber as part of the chassis. This results in a very strong and light chassis, perfect for high performance. However, this process is still very expensive, allowing only exotic manufacturers such as Lamborghini and Pagani to use this method. Add some of this advanced and cutting edge technology to your BMW with BMW carbon fiber accessories.

The increased strength and lighter weight of carbon fiber parts is offset somewhat by their higher cost. With present technology, BMW carbon fiber parts are more expensive to make than their metal or plastic counterparts. The increased performance and improved aesthetics of BMW carbon fiber accessories is well worth the cost.

Why upgrade to carbon fiber parts?

Carbon fiber parts for your BMW will be stronger and lighter than the stock parts. Reducing the weight of your BMW will result in increased performance, in both acceleration and handling. Beyond the performance gains, many people like the look of carbon fiber parts versus their stock counterparts. Adding carbon fiber exterior or interior pieces will give your BMW a sporty, modern look that sets it apart from the pack. Make an e30, e36, e39, e46, e60, e90, F10, or F30 look that much better with carbon fiber accessories.

What kind of carbon fiber parts can I find?

There are many parts from your BMW that can be upgraded to carbon fiber versions. Some of the most popular BMW carbon fiber exterior parts include the BMW carbon fiber hood, the BMW carbon fiber spoiler or trunk lid spoiler, the BMW carbon fiber front splitter, the BMW carbon fiber diffuser and the BMW carbon fiber fenders. Some of the most popular BMW carbon fiber interior parts include the BMW carbon fiber interior trim, the BMW carbon fiber pedal set, the BMW carbon fiber intake and engine cover and the BMW carbon fiber emblem.

A common exterior carbon fiber upgrade path would be to add a BMW carbon fiber front splitter, a BMW carbon fiber diffuser and a BMW carbon fiber lip spoiler. This will give your BMW sedan or coupe a sporty, menacing look while still retaining the elegance befitting a BMW. For the interior, BMW carbon fiber trim kits are popular.

BMW carbon fiber front splitters and BMW carbon fiber lip spoilers are popular upgrade options for the M3, M5 and M6.  

Most carbon fiber parts come in a black carbon weave. Some BMW carbon fiber interior trim pieces, and BMW carbon fiber engine accessories are available in other colors than a black carbon weave. Color preference is a personal choice, but the black carbon weave is by far the most popular option when selecting carbon fiber accessories.

What to look for in BMW carbon fiber parts?

You want to buy your BMW carbon fiber parts from a reputable aftermarket dealer. As these parts will be replacing stock pieces, they must be made to exact tolerances to ensure a proper fit. Going with cheap BMW carbon fiber parts will most likely result in ill-fitting pieces. Make sure you can specify which model BMW you have when ordering BMW carbon fiber parts, as each model will have different specs for each piece. Keep in mind the cost to install these parts when planning your upgrades, or plan to save money by installing the parts yourself.  

Where can you find BMW carbon fiber parts online?

Many aftermarket dealers sell BMW carbon fiber parts. Look through forums or photos of BMW’s with carbon fiber parts to get a feel for what accessories you would like to upgrade to carbon fiber. We have a wide selection of BMW carbon fiber accessories including quality brands such as  Auto Carbon and Vorsteiner that are known for quality and value.