Lighting Accessories For Bmw

BMW lights and bulbs are an easy way to make a dramatic upgrade to your car. Easy enough for begginners yet still essential for expert BMW enthusiasts, the below upgrades will have your car looking better and brighter than you ever imagined!

What kind of BMW Lights can I find online?

There are a myriad of choices when looking to upgrade or replace your BMW Lights. Upgrading your BMW Lights is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to give your BMW a dramatic change and improvement in both aesthetics and performance.

BMW headlight upgrades or replacements are one of the most popular accessories to add to your BMW, whether you want to upgrade to BMW HID headlights, or add angel eye or halo elements to your BMW headlights. There are multple options when upgrading these BMW lights. If you are coming from a BMW with halogen projectors, you can get completely new aftermarket BMW headlights with HID / Xenon lamps and angel eye / halo elements for much cheaper than buying from your BMW dealership while still maintaining great performance and reliability. You can also simply add angel or halo elements to your existing headlights if that is all that you are going for. BMW headlights with angel eye or halo elements are instantly recognizable on the road and give a great road presence.  

Turn Signals and Side Markers

Another common upgrade is BMW clear or BMW smoked side markers. These replace the stock orange units for a cleaner look that is sure to set your BMW apart. Clear or smoked side markers are an easy and affordable way to give your BMW more style. Also available are LED BMW turn signals. LED technology is cutting edge and provides a bright light while using minimal power and providing an extremely long life span. Most new cars these days are being built with LED lights, so this is a great way to bring some of this cutting edge technology onto your BMW.

Stealth Bulbs

After upgrading to clear or smoked side markers, change your BMW indicator lights to Stealth Bulbs to preserve the clean look. The stock orange bulbs will show through the clear or smoked side markers, therefore for a clean look you need to change the stock bulbs to a Stealth Bulb. These bulbs give off an orange light without the actual bulb having to be orange in color.

Halo and Angel Eye Elements

Many people recognize a BMW from afar from the signature Halo or Angel Eye elements found in BMW headlights, known as BMW angel eye lights or BMW halo lights. These illuminated rings in the headlights have become a signature style for BMW. IF your BMW did not come with angel eyes from the factory you can still upgrade. There are two choices, brand new BMW headlights with angel eye elements or retrofit your existing BMW headlights with halo elements. Visible during both the day and night, halo or angel eye elements are a great upgrade to your BMW.

Tail Lights

BMW tail lights or BMW brake lights can be upgraded to the latest technology, LED. Most newer luxury cars are being offered with LED tail lights. Upgrading your factory units to aftermarket BMW LED tail lights is a sure way to give your BMW a more modern look from the rear.   

Fog Lights

Fog lights can be added to your aftermarket BMW bumper or M bumper to give a better aesthetic as well as increased lighting performance. Also known as BMW driving lights, adding fog lights to your BMW will make driving safer in low light conditions.

Interior Lights

BMW interior lights can be replaced or upgraded with xenon interior bulbs which give a whiter or white-blueish light compared to the stock bulbs. Bring the look of your xenon headlights inside with xenon interior lights.

Light Covers

BMW light covers can be added to your BMW headlights or tail lights to give your BMW a custom look. These covers typically darken the appearance of your headlights or tail lights.

Popular upgrade options by model?

Older BMW models lines including the e30, e36, e46 and e60 are often upgraded with newer angel eye BMW headlights, LED BMW tail lights and smoked or clear BMW side markers. Popular upgrade options for newer model’s including the F10 and F30 include LED BMW turn signals and xenon interior lights.

Why upgrade your BMW Lights?

Upgrading your stock BMW lights to aftermarket LED or xenon will result in greater brightness, making it easier and safer to drive at night as well as giving a more custom and premium look to your BMW. Going with aftermarket choices for BMW lights will save you money when compared to stock BMW parts as well as adding additional technology not available in stock BMW parts.