Wheels And Accessories For Bmw

Wheels And Accessories For Bmw

BMW wheels and accessories come in all differnt finishes, styles and sizes. Start your search today by selecting from the list below. If you still have questions about BMW rims, read the article at the bottom of this page.

What types of BMW wheels are available for my car?

There are many different types of BMW alloy Wheels you can find online depending upon your preferences regarding look, quality, fitment and price. Genuine or OEM, standing for Original Equipment Manufacturer, wheels are the same wheels that come on BMW’s from the factory and are sure to have a great fit and stock look. Genuine and OEM wheels tend to be the most expensive. These are the type of wheels you can often buy from the BMW dealership. Beyond OEM and genuine, there are replica wheels which are aftermarket reproductions of OEM styles.

Replica rims are not from the same manufacturer of the OEM versions but they will retain a similar look to get the style of OEM wheels at a lower price point. Popular replica versions include BMW M3 replica wheels and BMW M5 replica wheels to obtain the look of these high powered versions of BMW cars. If you desire a look that is different from what is available from the factory, you come to Aftermarket wheels. BMW Aftermarket wheels are a great way to get a unique and custom look for your BMW. Within each type of wheel you can find them in new or used versions. OEM and Genuine wheels are generally the most common types of BMW Wheels you will see. If you desire a more custom look or want to stand out from the crowd, aftermarket wheels are your best option. Popular choices in BMW aftermarket wheels include VMR, ADV.1, BBS and DPE.

After you have thought about what type of BMW Wheels suit your needs and preferences there are many different options which can affect your purchasing decision.

First is the color, many BMW wheels come in brushed, chrome, painted, polished or powder coated finishes to match both your style and your car’s color.

BMW wheels can be either forged or cast. Forged BMW wheels are made from one piece of metal and are generally lighter and stronger than cast wheels as they avoid the weak points of seams and welds. Cast BMW wheels are generally heavier and not as strong as their forged counterparts but often come in at a lower price point.

BMW wheels come in many different sizes ranging from 17 all the way to 22 inches. 18 inch BMW wheels are popular on the 3 series BMW. 19 inch and 20 inch BMW wheels are popular on the larger BMW vehicles. Popular wheel sizes include 17” - 19” for BMW 3 series wheels, 18” - 20” for BMW 5 series wheels, 18”-22” for BMW X5 wheels, 19” - 22” for BMW 6 series wheels, and 19” - 22” for BMW 7 series wheels.

Along with various sizes, BMW wheels come in 1, 2 or 3 piece designs. 1 piece designs tend to be the most lightweight and are good for those looking mainly for performance gains. 2 and 3 piece wheels are made of of two or three different pieces and allow for the wide lip look if that is what you are after. 2 and 3 piece wheels can also be repaired by the piece so repair is often cheaper than replacing an entire 1 piece wheel.

Why Upgrade your BMW Wheels and Tires?

There are two reasons to upgrade your BMW Wheels and Tires; performance and aesthetics. By going with a larger or wider wheel you will increase performance by creating a greater contact patch for the tires to grip onto. You can go too far in this direction, as BMW wheels which are too large for your car may have trouble gripping and rub up against the body panels and suspension of your car. Staying within our recommended sizing will prevent any harmful effects and only improve performance. Tires are an integral part in the performance and comfort equation. After choosing your perfect BMW wheels do not forget to choose just as high performance tires, as a good wheel with a bad tire makes for a bad combination.

Many people enjoy the look that larger wheels give their BMW. Like lowering, tint or adding aftermarket body parts, adding a new set of BMW wheels to your car will help set it apart from the pack.

How to find BMW Wheels online?

The easiest way to find BMW Wheels online is to search, in your favorite search engine, for BMW Wheels. Do not be overwhelmed by the options you find covering different BMW wheel styles. You will come across many different options which we explained above so you feel confident in finding the BMW wheels that fit your preferences.

Things to look for when buying BMW wheels online?

Keep in mind when buying BMW wheels that you will need to get a shop to install them for you, or if you are inclined, you can save some money and install them yourself. To complement your BMW Wheels many providers offer customized or OEM center caps, wheel locks and wheel strips to protect your wheels as well as give them an even more customized look.